We cannot deliver Channel Islands Pride in Guernsey without your support.

As we witness Pride month, we recognise that the need for Pride is as strong as ever. A huge amount of progress has been made for LGBTQ+ and other minority communities in the Channel Islands, and globally. But the reality is, the struggle is far from over.

Around the world, trans and black community members face violence and discrimination on a daily basis. Members of the LGBTQ+ community also face many challenges and stigmas, from kissing their loved ones in public, coming out to their friends, colleagues and family or even just being able to walk down the street as who they truly are.

Here in Guernsey we are currently still fighting for the basic human right of not being discriminated against as our government are still falling behind on the introduction of discrimination legislation.

Currently LGBTQ+ people in Guernsey could be sacked or refused service in a bar purely for being LGBTQ+ and there is nothing you can do about it legally (you can find out what you can do today to help change that here).

That’s why Channel Islands Pride is free for anyone to attend and why we’re committed to making Pride a platform for all voices.

But, Pride cannot happen without your support. So, whether you come to Pride to celebrate, demonstrate or party, it’s only free thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and from the kindness of donations from those who march with and for us.

You can donate to Liberate and Pride here