Everyone is welcome to celebrate Pride including people living with a disability. Our aim is for Channel Islands Pride to be accessible for everyone who would like to attend.

The Parade

The parade route from Royal Square to People’s Park is as follows:

Participants leave Royal Square via Peirson Place (adjacent to the Peirson pub), turning left into King Street and continuing down the pedestrian precinct.

The Parade will take the right fork at Charing Cross, travelling up York Street and past the Cenotaph. At the junction with Union Street, the 50m Rainbow Flag and 50m Flag of Flags will be unfurled and carried along the Parade and through Parade Gardens as far as Kensington Place.

The Parade will then turn left down Kensington Place, and then right at the junction with Kensington Street, travelling up Kensington Street to the junction with Peirson Road, where it will cross into People’s Park.

The route takes about 45 minutes to walk and is approximately 1.5 kilometres.

Marshalls and Volunteers will be available on the day of Pride to assist you. These people can arrange for assistance to get from Royal Square to the Pride Village or assist in any other way they can.

We will have a ‘Quiet Zone’ at Pride for people who are neurodivergent (autistic, ADHD etc) or who simply find large crowds and the hustle and bustle of Pride too much.

Toilet facilities in the Pride Village include accessible toilets in several locations.

Wheelchair users and people with mobility issues:

If you are a manual wheelchair user and the parade route is difficult for you to march alone, please contact us via hello@liberate.je and we can provide a buddy who can help to push you. If you have limits to your mobility and would like to march in the parade, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

People with visual impairments

There is a lot of street furniture on the route and with crowds of people around, this may not be visible until you are on top of it. If you would like a buddy to take your arm or give verbal descriptions on the parade, or would like to be transported on one of our vehicles please contact us.

People for whom noise is problematic

Pride is noisy. There will be music, people talking loudly, whistles, cheers etc. If you would like ear plugs to reduce the noise on the day, please find one of our marshals who can provide you with a pair. There will also be a quiet space at the Pride Village next to the Liberate tent.

Other disabilities

If there are any other barriers that would make the parade route or Pride Village difficult for you, please contact us to discuss how we can make adjustments to enable you to enjoy the day. If you need any assistance on the day of Pride, the volunteers in the Liberate tent will be pleased to help you.

Get in Touch

If you need accessibility support, we are here to help. Send us a quick message through our form.